Oh, look. A blog.

Hi guys. Welcome to whatever this is. In making this blog public I have a few goals:

  1. To create an outlet for my tirades, ideally reducing my participation in flame wars
  2. To entertain people in longer formats than are practical on social media
  3. To slow the inexorable slide into illiteracy that began with my first year of med school

I think the ideal blog might lie at the intersection of On the Economy and Hyperbole and a Half. This blog will not lie there. It will probably lie in the intersection of Killjoy Feminist Lane and Nerd Boulevard, in a town with a funny name, such as Prairie du Sac (it’s real).

You’ll notice I’m using my real name. I do hope I don’t come to regret that.

You may also notice a hiatus of more than a year in between posts. That did happen, and it may happen again. In fact, if/when this stops being fun for me I’ll feel no compunction to continue. So if you’d like for this blog to be a part of the great internet cotton ball you’re using to plug that hole in your psyche, don’t give me a reason to quit (such as being rude in the comments).

Thanks for stopping by, y’all.


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